We offer a diverse range of services to an equally diverse range of clients. is part of the 23 Legal group which is a firm of specialist Employment and Comercial Law consultants. Our expertise spans Employment Law, Corporate Law and Commercial Law. We offer a tailored service to suit the needs of each individual client.

We always place a particular emphasis on client engagement in any process we deal with on your behalf. You are, after all, the expert when it comes to your business or organisation. We aim to be a cost effective and valuable resource to your business and on this basis, all our services are carried out with value for money in mind.

Preparation of Employment Contracts and Associated Documentation

We draft all types of employment contracts and documentation, including policies and procedures, staff handbooks, settlement agreements, and letters for employees such as disciplinary and grievance letters. Our experience extends to cover all manner of different situations and we can provide guidance in relation to the documentation required to deal with any given situation.

We ensure that our clients understand the process of preparing employment contracts or updating existing contracts of employment. Care needs to be taken when implementing new or updated contracts and we help our clients to achieve this with minimum disruption to their workforce. Where appropriate, we will make recommendations to our clients as to any other documentation that may be helpful in the workplace.

We can offer help with all other aspects of employment law

We can provide assistance in many different situations. We have helped our clients complete reorganisations, deal with complicated TUPE problems, and defend claims in the Employment Tribunals. If you have an employment law problem please get in touch with us, we will be pleased to discuss your your requirements without charge or obligation.

Company and Commercial Law Services

Our expertise also covers Company and Commercial Law. The term Company Law is generally used to refer to administrative matters within limited companies. There are numerous administrative and constitutional issues which may be sufficiently complicated to require the assistance of an expert. Transactions between the company, its shareholders and directors can often seem daunting. We can assist you with any issues your company may be facing whether major or minor.

Commercial Law is sometimes also known as Business Law. It is a term given to the law that governs the relationships between businesses, their suppliers, and consumers. Quite often, Commercial Law involves contracts between parties that do business with each other. We are proficient in drafting a wide range of commercial contracts and we are able to offer tailored assistance to you or your company. For more information on our services please get in touch.

Employment Law Services

We are seasoned employment law professionals and we are able to provide straightforward and commercially focused guidance on HR problems, employee issues, and employment litigation. Although we have particular expertise in the preparation of employment contracts, our day to day practice extends to cover all aspects of employment law. If you are experiencing an employee problem or a challenging HR situation, the chances are that we will have come across something similar. We would be pleased to offer the benefit of our expertise to you. If you have any employment law problem please get in touch with us.

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