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When Zero Hours Contracts go wrong

When Zero Hours Contracts go wrong

The recent chaos at Gatwick airport is possibly an example of when zero hours arrangements can go wrong, particularly when employees are required to work unsociable hours.

On the busiest weekend of the year, airlines have warned that some holidaymakers will fly without their luggage due to a critical shortage of baggage handlers.

Baggage handling firm Swissport has insufficient workers to load and unload planes at Gatwick. No doubt this will see numerous individuals without luggage.

According to the latest news, the problem is at its worst over weekend periods because Swissport is said to be employing staff under zero hours contracts. These staff do not wish to work unsociable hours and due to the nature of the zero hours contract, the employees can be justified in declining to work on a particular day or at a particular time.

The shortage of staff at Gatwick is already said have lost the baggage handler two contracts from major airlines and could lead to more losses if the problem isn’t resolved quickly.

Zero hours contracts are a very effective means of limiting costs for employers however they do need to be used both carefully and when necessary. To find out more about zero hours contracts or any other aspect of employment law, please contact us on 0114 2550825.