Miserable lawyers…

Miserable lawyers…

According to research reported by Yahoo, out of the 10 most miserable professions, Lawyers are at the top. The report goes onto say that 40% of those employed in the legal profession complain that they dislike their job.  With a massive 54% saying that they think their career was a mistake and a further 37% thinking of leaving the sector.

Further miserable professions are manufacturing, hospitality and environmental services. The research found that 47% of workers surveyed think they have already gone as far as they can in their career, while two in 10 say their job is ‘meaningless’ and too stressful. 15% complain that their hours are too long and
researchers also found that 14% of employees don’t care about their job, while many say that they hate their boss and receive little or poor training.

The legal profession has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. Law firms have in many cases become bogged down in red tape, admin and internal office politics. The legal market is much more competitive than it once was and firms have to work harder to earn less. This generally results in greater demands being placed on the lower level staff who are often receive relatively low pay.

Fortunately none of us at 23 Legal are miserable lawyers. We enjoy helping and assisting our clients.  Our business is a million miles away from the stuffy corporate law firms that breed unhappy and overworked lawyers. We are a consultancy that does not have to deal with unnecessary red tape and internal politics and this means we can get on with our work and deliver an effective service.

We offer a full range of employment, corporate and commercial services from employment disputes to document drafting.  If you require any assistance or just a chat about a problem you have, then call us on 0114 2550825.