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We prepare bespoke employment contracts and employment documents for our clients…

We are a firm of specialist Employment and Commercial Law consultants providing a diverse range of services to our clients. We have significant expertise in Employment Law and particularly in the preparation of employment contracts and associated documentation.

We aim to help our clients take care of their Employment Law obligations and we offer bespoke services in the formation and drafting of employment contracts, service agreements, consultancy agreements, zero hours contracts, employment policies, procedures, and other related documents. All work is carried out by experts and at a fraction of the cost of a firm of solicitors.

What is so special about an employment contract?

We understand that it is very difficult to make any kind of contract sound interesting. Instead of trying to do this, it is probably sufficient to say that the employment contract is often the employer’s first line of defence to costly workplace disputes. The contract of employment should be regarded as a fundamental and indispensable document to provide formality and structure to the nature of the relationship between an employer and its employee.

The importance of an employment contract cannot be either overlooked or overstated.

Not only does the employment law contract provide certainty within the employment relationship, it can often generate a greater sense of trust and security for employees. In addition to this, every employer is required by law to provide a written contract of employment to its employees within 8 weeks of them commencing their employment. The penalties for failing to provide a written contract can be significant.

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